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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

I coach leaders and consult teams confident that I am "good" at it - I know I can be helpful, and have been for hundreds or thousands of people from so many walks of life.

I reluctantly entered into the world of consulting and coaching because it often carries with it shiny veneer of "expertise" and "self-promotion." That definitely isn't me. I am allergic.

I so whole-heartedly resonate with the life's work of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group precisely because it is "real" and its "genius" is in its simplicity.

The Table Group's latest model is the Six Types of Working Genius. Please get to know it and let me help you unpack it and show you how to apply it to your work.

My working "geniuses" are Wonder and Enablement. I am successful at coaching and consulting because I intuitively ask the kind of questions that help people unpack and reflect on what they might intuitively know and understand, but not know how to formulate. I ask clarifying, big-picture questions that are often easily overlooked in the day to day. This is called Wonder. I am also successful because I am responsive to others and innately desire to help others succeed and thrive. This is Enablement. I am not a guru or "expert," but rather a natural-born sounding board who wants to help, and who has also been trained by my own set of amazing life experiences and education - these have made me rather "allergic to ego" and self-importance and organizational dysfunction, but have given me a clear awareness of how and why I need other people in my life which geniuses and experiences I do not have. I hope I can help you and the people in your life.


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I'm Tim

I help organizational leaders make smart decisions and foster healthy cultures. I coach one-on-one and facilitate teams, striving for high morale, retention, success, and fast results.

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